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On set with the KNOCKING ON DOORS crew
Shooting Season 3 with my favorite sound guy, Gary Casey, one of my favorite Directors of Photography, Tina Whatcott, and one of my favorite humans, Claire Brueckner.
shooting the last episode of Season 2
Webisode 9 "The Unsuspected" is the culmination of Louise's bugging the hell out of a man who just does not want to be bothered. Kevin Oestenstad made shooting this an absolute blast.
Shaelynn Parker tells Louise Bice a thing or two
Webisode 2 "Day Stalker": Louise's nemesis (played by co-creator Shaelynn Parker) who later -- shhh -- becomes a friend
Shooting webisode 7 "Out of the Past"
Barbara Ann Duffy and me in the first season
In Webisode 4 "The Three Faces of Lady Eve", Louise Bice knocks on the door of an actress who takes her noir character very seriously. The ever-so-talented Barbara Ann Duffy was made for this character (in fact, the role was written for her).
Eugenia Kuzmina and me
This Russian woman in Webisode 7, "Out of the Past" (played by the fabulous Eugenia Kuzmina) has a lot to teach Louise...but it comes with a price.
Shooting webisode 9 "The Unsuspected" -- the last webisode in Season 2 with the brilliant Kevin Oestenstad
A special shoot, webisode 3 "The Field Interviewer Always Knocks Twice", because our dear friend and wonderful actor Danny Grossman, 2nd from right, is no longer with us. He passed away unexpectedly in 2016  
April Matson hilarious in this role
Webisode 8, "To Have and Have Not" is my favorite. Working with the pro April Matson was an absolute treat.
In webisode 6 "Mean Streets", Louise meets Johnny Snarls, a former rocker. Eddie Alvarado created the character on a camping trip.
Love this woman, Claire Brueckner. So honored to have her play my sister Emma in episode 13.
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